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My resolutions for the year 2021

The year 2020 was a different year in every way from what we had anticipated. This is more true for me and my goals, but also for the things I have achieved during this year.

It's been a long time since I've published on my blog. It turns out that I was very busy and that what I initially wanted to do - to go on a trip and share my adventures and the experiences I learned from the people I met - couldn't happen because of the Covid-19. In any case, I have always seen this blog as a public journal, something that is useful to me as well as to those who read it.

Before making a point about my objectives for this new year, I think it is time to draw a conclusion about the objectives I had set for 2020.


Review of the year 2020

What a year... I never thought I would have experienced so much a year ago. But before I talk about that, a quick update on my goals for the past year and their current state:


Improve my level in English (successful)

This goal was successfully achieved! I am much more comfortable with English and I often watch videos completely in English. I wanted to take advantage of travel to improve it, but the coronavirus didn't let me leave the country. So I took out a subscription to Babbel and I have to admit that this application is really effective for now and for my use.


Discovering New Horizons and New Ways of Living and Thinking (failure)

The coronavirus prevented me from traveling and I really wanted to achieve this goal through my travels. Of course, I had the opportunity to discover new ways of thinking thanks to the people I met this year, either in everyday life or through the follow-up sessions that I offer until today, but I can't really say that I discovered new ways of living. It may be hard on myself, but I can't call it a success.


Innovating in new areas (failure)

This goal was close to my heart and I would love to say that I have achieved it. Nevertheless, I let myself be overwhelmed by my business with Believemy, my e-learning company, and I never had the time - or should I say I didn't try hard enough to find it - to innovate in new areas. This is a real problem: not knowing how to manage your time to work on new projects. From 2021 onwards, I have to manage my schedule better, whatever the cost.


Doubling Believemy's turnover (successful)

I didn't double it, I quadrupled it. It's totally surreal and I don't really realize it to tell the truth. The objective I had set myself was to achieve 100% growth in Believemy's turnover, to double it. I remember setting this goal and thinking that it was a lot and that I was going to have to invest myself to achieve it.

Writing these lines and telling myself that I couldn't find the time to innovate in new areas because of the time I was spending on Believemy, but knowing that I managed to achieve 290% growth momentarily relieves my conscience and allows me to understand that I may have been a little too focused on my business.

It is obvious that the Covid-19 crisis and the two confinements played a role in the balance, but with hindsight and the figures I currently have on the year's performance, I must say that Believemy's growth is not so much correlated to the fact that we stayed home longer or to job losses.


Objectives for 2021

As you will have understood, this year 2020 has been totally different from what I expected. The advantage of writing my objectives and taking stock publicly is that, on the one hand, I most certainly motivate others to go for it and literally devour the coming year; on the other hand, I force myself to confront the objectives I have set for myself and the fact that I have to take stock in complete transparency allows me to learn about myself and my way of thinking and doing.

Here are my objectives for this new year:


Doubling the stock market portfolio

Since April 2020, I have had a portfolio of shares on the stock market. I never talk about figures concerning the turnover of my activities for various reasons that I have already mentioned in the article that talks about my objectives for the year 2020, but for this objective I will make an exception: it is after all only a total valuation concerning shares that I hold, there is no relation to the remuneration linked to my activities.

At the time of writing, my stock market portfolio is around 10,000 euros. I would like to double it to 20,000 euros by January 1, 2022. It is as simple as that. Is this an underestimated objective? Realistic? Overestimated? We'll talk about it again in a year's time.

Innovating in areas other than e-learning

Innovate, yes, but innovate in other areas than e-learning. I had already set myself this objective for 2020 and it is obvious that I have not been able to manage my time. There is so much to do and so little time... I want to achieve all my goals, but this one is terribly close to my heart.

So I need to learn how to manage my time to start, which will allow me to develop new projects that will allow me to innovate in other areas of activity. I have always wanted to help as many people as possible, and if I have to be completely transparent I will even say that I have always wanted to help the whole world, to solve problems for generations and generations. Helping humanity has always been what I have always wanted to do.


Discovering new ways of living

I would like to plan a trip, even if only for a single week, to a country that is totally out of the ordinary and where the locals have a rather different way of life and different ways of thinking than in France. This will allow me to open my mind more easily to the differences that constitute us all, and to better know how to accept those of everyone.


Increasing Believemy's turnover

I want to achieve triple-digit growth again by 2021 on Believemy. This is a huge goal, because doubling a turnover at this stage is not the easiest thing in the world, but many things have been gradually put in place by the end of 2020 and I am convinced that it is possible to achieve this goal. One thing is certain, when this is achieved, I will definitely be able to delegate the execution to competent people to enable me to undertake other projects in a more profound way.

Continue to improve my English

It's a language that I need to master perfectly and in a totally natural way. I am therefore accentuating this goal this year by taking courses directly through Babbel, watching even more audiovisual content in English and why not traveling to an English-speaking country or offering content in English.



The year 2020 was rich in twists and turns, we all went through many emotions. My personal goals have been mostly achieved, I must continue to learn how to better manage my time to succeed in the future to advance in several projects at the same time.

I am convinced that the year 2021 will be sublime and full of surprises. See you in a year's time.

Until then, never forget that everything is possible and that you are your worst limit.

Jan 01, 2021