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My resolutions for the year 2020

Here we are in a new year, a year that will be rich in emotions for me. I intend to make this year 2020 the year that will begin my pivotal period, a year that will be conducive to change towards a life that is directly linked to my values.

Have you ever thought about New Year's resolutions? These are resolutions that we rarely keep. Why is that? I don't have that answer. I think they are mostly resolutions that are "too radically" different from our current daily lives. For example: to do sport. If we start doing sport, and start with 4 to 5 sessions per week, there is a good chance that we will not stick to our resolution. We have to go gradually. When a resolution changes your habits, if you want to keep it, you have to go gradually. A habit does not change overnight, if you go too fast you will quickly return to your old habit. So, for anyone who wants to make a resolution to exercise, here's my advice: go once a week, 30 minutes, and gradually increase the number of sessions and the length of each one.

More generally, I think it's better not to change our habits all at once, to go gradually, and above all: to define a value / a step, which will motivate you and tell you "I did it!".

What are my resolutions for 2020?

To initiate the transition to this new stage, the one I've been planning for years, several objectives have been set for 2020.


Improve my level of English : be able to easily read books in English

It's finally time to start seriously considering going bilingual in English. If all goes according to plan, it will be an indispensable skill to have. So I'm going to radically change my habits: reading books, no longer in French, but in English (the blog you're on right now is actually a great exercise for me), traveling abroad to be forced to speak and develop English, watching movies in their original version, and any exercise that could improve my English.


Discover new ways of living : travel and broaden my horizons

I want to spend the year 2020 discovering new ways of working, living, having fun, and eating. That's why I will organize trips to experience these aspects.

It will also be an opportunity for me to discover new parts of the world, to see if I see myself living there later on.

To achieve this goal, I'm leaving on 02 April 2020! Towards a dream destination, which I will talk about on this blog.


Innovate in new areas : release a new innovative service

At the moment, my e-learning business is doing very well, and the students we train continuously throughout the year are really operational at the end. It's time to think about other innovations. Believemy has implemented educational innovations, but now it's time to serve innovations for more people, a service that could improve the lives of millions of people around the world. So I have set myself the goal of finishing the year 2020 having - at least, if not succeeding - tried to innovate in a new industry. Maybe it's time for me to devote myself to Midraz.


Progress on a personal level : expand my knowledge

There are still so many things I have to learn, so many ways of doing things that I need to improve, so many ways of understanding things that I need to integrate... Basically, all my resolutions this year - to improve my English, to discover new ways of living and to innovate in new areas - are totally part of a whole that aims to improve myself, and to improve the things that I have power over: my surroundings and society.


Increase Believemy's turnover

2019 was an explosive year for my company Believemy. I won't talk about money, for several reasons:

  1. If I start disclosing my sales figures, I'm going to put pressure on myself to increase them, at the expense of Believemy's product quality and customer satisfaction.
  2. A turnover is (almost) meaningless: it does not take into account the company's net profits. It's just a figure that shows how much money has come in, without taking expenses into account.
  3. I will feel uncomfortable presenting a turnover, when it could give the impression that everything is easy for me: I'm not a guru, I just work methodically and a lot (this year, for the first time, I didn't realize that I was working even on Christmas day for example).

That's why you shouldn't expect to know Believemy's turnover, I don't need to give myself any extra pressure: I already give myself enough!

In 2019, Believemy's turnover growth tripled, with a 3-digit evolution: 164, 47%. This figure doesn't mean anything, because one could come to the conclusion that last year Believemy had a turnover of 10 euros, and this year, of 27 euros. Of course, the figures are different, but the rate of evolution gives you an idea.

The year 2019 was therefore an excellent year for Believemy, with its share of difficulties when you earn so much money from one year to the next, especially on a personal level, because you lose your bearings related to money, you have to relearn how to manage it well (this year, for example, I had for a while the bad habit of buying not just one book from a collection of 30 books, but all 30 books at once).

For the year 2020, increasing Believemy's turnover is therefore one of my objectives. As you know, I like quantified objectives. But setting a turnover target is sometimes complicated... So I would be very satisfied if I could reproduce a 3-digit growth, which would allow me to have substantial means to finance new projects and recruit employees. The problem is that the higher your turnover is, the harder it is to double it. It is easier to try to earn 20 euros when you start from 10, it is already much more complicated to earn (for example) 300,000 euros when you start from 150,000. So I don't expect to reach the goal of doubling Believemy's turnover, the priority being to give ever more interesting and qualitative educational content, not to do everything to make money. This is not my strategy, and it won't be for this year either!



So much for my resolutions for the year 2020. I don't like the term "resolutions" because it too often connotes words that are thrown up in the air that will never be implemented or respected. I prefer the term "objectives" because it is closer to reality: setting goals to be achieved. In a year's time, I'll do an article to see if I've achieved all my goals, but in the meantime, remember this: if you want to change, if you want to improve things around you, or if you want to make new experiences, then go for it. It's humanly pointless to wait until the New Year to get started, but since we're here, write down your goals on a piece of paper, and work towards achieving them, noting the sub-goals that will help you achieve them as you go along. 

Jan 01, 2020